Genial Non Contact Infrared Thermometer - Health Canada Authorized

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Perfect for reading temperatures while maintaining a safe distance.

Infrared forehead thermometer gun with LCD display

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FDA & CE Certified Device
- Non-contact measurement
- High-temperature alert warning
- 32 sets of stored memory
- Automatic power-off
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Temperature measurement distance: 1cm-2cm.
Measuring range: 32 ℃ -43 ℃
Accuracy: (± 0.2 ℃-± 0.3 ℃).
Power supply: 2pcs AA batteries (Please note batteries are NOT included, they have been removed at manufacturing for accelerated delivery).

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Non-contact infrared thermometers, often known as touchless thermometers, use energy radiated by persons to determine body temperature from a distance.

Medic Supplies' Health Canada-approved infrared thermometers allow you to take your temperature without touching it, as opposed to regular thermometers that need physical contact.

Genial Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometers are also called ‘IR’ thermometers. As the name itself suggests, they measure temperature from a distance making no contact. The infrared thermometers deduce temperature by measuring the amplitude of IR energy that is being emitted from the surface. It works on characteristic radiation wherein every form of matter with a temperature above zero emits infrared radiation corresponding to its temperature. The transmissivity of a material is the surface’s relative ability to emit energy by radiation. The amount of emitted infrared energy and its emissivity by the object determines its temperature.

The non-contact thermometers have evolved with recent innovations and hence there has been a reduction in production cost as well. While choosing from the types of non-contact infrared thermometer, the instrument accuracy, reliability, application, and budget become the primary determining factors in most cases.

These non-contact infrared thermometers have gained immense popularity for conducting health screenings amidst the pandemic. These thermometers can detect the presence of fever which is apparently one of the earliest symptoms of COVID-19 which prevents further spread of infection amongst others.

There are some elements that influence the choice of the right temperature measurement instrument for a given application. Consider these physical factors while you make up your mind for buying a particular infrared forehead thermometer.
  • Target size
  • Target temperature range
  • Interfering gases
  • Target material
  • Ambient temperature
  • Target distance

Benefits of using Non-contact Infrared Thermometers

  • It reduces the risk of spreading disease between people due to its non-contact approach.
  • It is quite easy to use, as well as easy to clean and disinfect.
  • It helps measure temperature quickly and displays reading instantly.
  • It also has the ability to retake temperature quickly again.

Guidelines for using Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

While making use of NCIT, the person who is using the device must strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and its instructions for use. The instruction is given by the manufacturers typically include the following information and recommendations for proper use:

Preparing the Environment and NCIT:

The non-contact Infrared Thermometers are affected by the environment in which they are being used. Instructions for its optimal use would typically include the following:

  • Use the thermometer where there is draft-free space away from direct sunlight, avoid using it around radiant heat sources.
  • Find out if the conditions are favourable for its use. Normally, the temperature of the environment must be between 16-40 degrees celsius and relative humidity has to be below 85%.
  • You need to let the NCIT adjust to the environment where the testing is going to take place. Place it there for 10-30 minutes prior to use.
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