Covid-19 vaccine: What you should know before, during and after the vaccination

Covid-19 vaccine: What you should know before, during and after the vaccination

Millions of individuals have now been vaccinated against COVID-19 safely throughout the world, bringing all of us a step closer to doing more activities with the people we love. The COVID-19 vaccinations were not enough for many, but of course, others had questions regarding the immunization procedure and what to anticipate in turn.

Different COVID-19 Vaccines 

The first vaccination offered is the finest COVID-19 vaccine. Wait, not for a certain brand. All COVID-19 vaccinations presently approved and recommended: 

  • Are safe
  • Efficient
  • Lower the risk of severe disease

Medic supplies do not recommend one vaccination over another. 

Available Vaccination in Canada

Vaccine Brand Name

Who Can Get This Vaccine

How Many Shots You Will Need

When Are You Fully Vaccinated?


People 12 years and older

2 shots
Given 3 weeks (21 days) apart

2 weeks after your second shot


People 18 years and older

2 shots
Given 4 weeks (28 days) apart

2 weeks after your second shot

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen

People 18 years and older

1 shot

2 weeks after your shot

Tips to follow before you go for vaccination 

Do your research – Online misinformation about vaccinations is extensive. Thus, it should always be obtained from trustworthy sources, such as UNICEF and WHO. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about receiving a vaccination for COVID-19. A COVID-19 vaccination is not currently required to be used to prevent probable adverse events for persons with the following conditions:

  • If there is a history of severe allergic responses to any components in the COVID-19 vaccine
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms or are presently ill (although you can get vaccinated once you have recovered and your doctor has approved)

Talk with your doctor – Talk to your medication provider before an appointment if you have ever had a serious adverse response from any vaccines or if you have any issues regarding the drugs you are taking.

Pay attention – Get an excellent night's rest and hydrate yourself well before your immunization to make you feel better during the day.

covid vaccine sample

Tips to follow during the vaccination appointments

Stay safe – Follow safety instructions in the vaccine, such as distancing physically while waiting and carrying a mask throughout your visit.

Communicate – Inform a health professional if you have any medical problems, such as pregnancy or an affected immune system, which may be considered precautions.

Maintain your records – You should receive a vaccination card telling you when you obtained it and where you received your COVID-19 vaccine. In case you need it in the future, ensure that you stay with this card.

Following vaccination Stay – The healthcare practitioner should monitor you for approximately 15 minutes after the vaccine has been delivered to ensure no instant responses. However, serious health reactions are exceedingly rare.

Tips to follow after the vaccination appointments

Prepare yourself for certain side effects – Vaccines are meant to offer you immunity without the risk of the disease. Although it is usual to increase immunity without any side effects, some mild to severe side effects are prevalent that go by themselves after a few days.

Some of the mild-to-moderate side effects you could have following vaccination include: 

  • Arm soreness at the site of the injection 
  • Mild Fatigue 
  • Headaches 
  • Muscle or Joint Pain 
  • Chills 
  • Diarrhoea 

If symptoms last for more than a few days, or if a more serious response occurs, consult your physician.

Be patient – Be patient. It takes time to build immunity. Two weeks after a second dose of the Corona Virus vaccine, 14-15 days after a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and two weeks after a single dose of J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, you will be deemed completely vaccinated. The vaccine is considered complete two weeks later.

covid sample vaccine

Stay safe for yourself and others – Whereas these vaccinations are quite efficient to protect people from severe COVID-19 diseases, we're still discovering if the virus may still be propagated, even without symptoms, by a vaccinated person. It is also necessary to continue to exercise security procedures, including avoiding crowding areas, distancing physically, washing the hands and using a mask.

Note that the vaccination is just a pinch. Try to overcome your fear and uneasiness while injecting. Get yourself registered for the COVID-19 vaccination on the provincial and territorial website to book your appointment. Be accountable and get immunized at your turn.

Read more about Covid-19 Vaccines from WHO.

Although both doses of Covid-19 have been received, please remember to take preventative precautions in public areas. Note that vaccines do not guarantee complete protection. Vaccination Wear masks and follow proper hygiene methods to protect themselves and prevent the transmission of viruses. Tap the two doses and encourage others to be vaccinated according to the timetable. Medic supplies wish each of you to stay safe and strong during these tough times!

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