All You Need to Know About Posture Correctors

All You Need to Know About Posture Correctors

Let us admit it, we sit at our desks most of the day, slouching our backs staring at our computer screens, or spending our days hunched over our phones scrolling through memes. At the end of the day as you lie in your bed you realize you have some serious aches in your back, shoulders and neck, thanks to your bad posture!

Having a bad posture and slouching and bending your spine for a longer period of time can actually have adverse effects on your physical and even psychological health. Bad posture is the reason behind your imbalanced muscles that sometimes feel either too weak or too tight leading to pain, degenerative joints and discs. Let us dive in and find solutions for what can be done to correct the bad posture.

Why does a good posture matter?

Good posture is responsible for good musculoskeletal health. A correct posture allows for proper stacking of your bones, muscles and ligaments. This allows you to have better balance and ability to function during your daily activities like walking, standing for long periods and running or lifting as well.

The muscle strain caused by bad posture can be painful enough to wreak havoc on your entire body. The bad posture causes our body muscles to work overtime to realign which makes them fatigued and this results in back or neck pain.

Correct posture improves not just physical but also mental health

Experts suggest that standing and sitting properly relieves pressure on your spine, neck and shoulders. This refrains your neck and back from being strained. Apart from the physical effects, experts also suggest that there are links between posture and our mental health. Research shows people with depression and anxiety have this tendency of curling inward and hunching their backs. And on the contrary, correcting the posture will automatically make people even with mental illness feel better and help them recover.

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Having a good posture will automatically:

  • Instantly boost the mood.
  • Secure your spine from damage.
  • Improve your flexibility and joint movement.
  • Decrease the risk of osteoarthritis.
  • Improve your balance.
  • Make breathing a lot easier giving your lungs more room to expand.

Correcting your posture requires some training and your first instinct might be to invest in a posture corrector. You may have seen the advertisements of such posture correcting devices all over social media. And then pops up the question of doing posture correctors work? How do posture correctors help you? What devices should you choose?

Are posture correctors efficient enough?

There are many types of posture correctors available on the market. Having a posture corrector might be the goal but choosing the correct one is the real deal. Wrong posture correctors do not help you achieve the goal you are looking to reach, at times it does more harm than good to your body because your body becomes accustomed to these devices for holding up. This results in weakened core muscles which you would normally use for better posture as it remains relaxed. But this isn’t the case with good quality posture correctors.

Smart posture corrector with sensor uses a different method entirely, which users have claimed to work in their favour. The built-in sensor counts the number of times good posture is broken, it buzzes for you to correct it. This device also has the sensitivity/intensity switch and voice-activated reminders. It monitors your posture in real-time and hence reminds you to correct your posture almost daily. These daily reminders strengthen your back while also training your brain to recognize it when you are slouching.

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What to look for in a posture corrector

While posture correctors do help people with maintaining good posture they are not magic wands for taking you from Neanderthal to ballerina. What posture correctors do is instead make you aware of your wrong posture and remind you to correct it. The actual benefit of these devices lies in their ability to bring awareness to your posture and that is enough to reduce the body aches and at the same time increase your confidence.

You must look for a posture corrector that is comfortable to your body, gentle on you and non-rigid which does not force your body into a position that can cause pain and discomfort. Like it was mentioned above, it is not good to become completely dependent on these devices so it is recommended to use them in conjunction with a posture-strengthening exercise routine. Find the right posture corrector from any wholesale medical supplies in Canada, here is a rundown on some of the usual types of posture correctors.

  • Best overall
  • Nothing could be more effective than having someone tapping you on the shoulder every time you are hunched over. Our smart posture corrector with a sensor does that to you. The shoulder strap provides you with upper body support and aids in the prevention of bad posture and hunchback.

  • Best for full back support
  • Some posture correctors provide full back support; they are hooked over your shoulders like a backpack and connect over the stomach. It supports both the upper back and the lower back of your body.

  • A solid shoulder brace
  • This type of brace usually supports your upper back, it is a particularly good option for a larger chest. These correctors are soft on the body and thin enough to be worn under clothes.

  • Braces for temporary relief
  • Although the braces have their own benefits, they don’t look hideous on the surface and are not made for every activity. However there is specialty clothing with posture correction built right in, the only drawback is that it is expensive.

    In a Nutshell

    Hunched backs are the problem for most of us now as we are constantly working on a laptop or looking down at our smartphones all day. Experts have explained that poor posture that is caused by sitting with your shoulders forward causes the soft muscles in your chest to get tight and having a posture corrector to make your job easier; sounds like a convenient luxury, doesn’t it?

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